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    I am looking to buy another Jetfire. 1962 or 1963. Running or not, with Turbo or not. Also interested in F85 and Cutlass, 1961,1962, 1963.
    Prefer clean body with all trim. Let me know what you want to get rid of.



    Hi, Give me a call I have a Jetfire that I may sell.
    I can text you pictures and give you the background on the car.



    I have been sitting on this one. I want to work something out for this car but I just can’t swing a third one. It is located in PA. 412 335 3704. He sent me some pictures and looks like a great project. From what little I could see in the pictures it looks like a fairly solid car. He has $6500 on it and the turbo setup as still there.



    Thanks for the tip Eric on the PA Jetfire. I contacted him and got some photos, and asked questions. Although it has a Turbo, it doesn’t run. It also has rust. Floors have been hacked, and rust around wheels and cowl that is bondo’ed over. Base of windshield etc. It’s a shame. Needs a lot of body work. I will keep looking.



    The pictures he give me were not that detailed. That sucks.



    Still looking for a Jetfire, the white 63 in the classified section looks good but no response to phone calls.



    There was a rust free 63 in Florida that I have lost track of. The last one you got I thought was it when I first seen it. I know it was in the Orlando area and the guy worked in Canada in an oil field. I talked to him on a 3 way call about the car but I just can not locate it again. If I find something I will let you know.



    I found these pictures and his name is Pierre but that is all I can find at this time. I will keep looking.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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