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    Looking to change over from the manual box to power steering. Looks pretty straight forward except for the steering column shaft.
    Information on the Steering column shaft is the part I am unsure of at this point.
    My manual column does NOT have a rag joint. It has a can like connector between the steering column shaft and the box input shaft that is a small can, lube filled. Looks to me like it won’t interface with the power box rag joint.
    -Can you just slip out the column shaft and replace with the pwr steering rag joint shaft?
    -Or will the Manual steering shaft adapt to the power steering box?
    Has anyone done this and is there something I am missing?

    Parts I think are necessary:
    -Bottom 2 belt pulley
    -Pump with pulley
    -Old lines to copy
    -Pwr steering pitman arm
    -Idler arm
    -Power steering column shaft?



    (bump to check Notify me)


    Yes, you can swap the inner shaft in the column.


    Thanks Joe. Good news!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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