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    Can someone please measure the depth (height) of a gas tank for a 62 cutlass convertible?? My car has a replacement tank that is not made for a car. The guy at the shop thinks it might even be a boat gas tank. He wants to know the depth of the original to help him find another tank that might work.

    Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.



    I’ll be at the shop tomorrow. My car is on jack stands with the tank in it. I’ll get the best measurement I can with it in the car. I’ll respond tomorrow afternoon-I’m in CA. You might check Desert Valley Auto Parts, they have some 62’s that might still have a tank.



    Thanks for the offer to provide the measurement and the lead to Desert Valley Auto Parts. I called them and they said they would look when they are in that yard again. He said the equipment they use to move the cars frequently damages the gas tanks so he was not sure they would have one in good shape.



    Does anyone know if a 61 Buick Special has the same tank? If so I have one. Where are you located. I am in Brazil Indiana. I have a full plate for the next couple weeks but if you find it is the same I could pull it for you then. I am not sure how shipping would work on a used gas tank?



    They do seem to be very similar cars but I don’t know if it will fit. The 62 cutlass is a side fill tank that enters at the bottom of the tank (at least I think it does, I have not seen an original tank). It seems as if most GM products from that time period were rear fill tanks. The few side fill tanks we have seen pictures of enter at the top of the tank and that is too close to the frame to work on my car.

    I am in St. Louis MO so I could probably pick it up if it comes to that point. I’m hoping to get a measurement on the height of the tank soon and maybe get another tank to fit. If it turns out that your tank will fit I may be interested. Thanks for the offer.




    My parts books shows different part numbers for the ’62 and ’63 gas tanks. I do not know what the difference is though. Station wagon is different too.
    Attached are some pics of my 1962 convertible gas tank, a few wrinkles and a fuel return pick-up system.



    Thanks for the information and the great pictures. Not knowing a lot about cars I’m surprised the tanks are different for the 63 and the station wagons.



    Looks like you got some good responses and you may have better measurements in those but I finally made it to the shop and here are approximate dimensions-tank is in car. 5.5″ at front(axle) end with a final taper to 3″ at the rear (bumper) end.



    Thanks for the dimensions. It seems to be a thin tank. Most of the tanks we are finding available for sale seem to be closer to 8 inches.
    Thanks again.



    The original tank capacity is only 16 gallons. Small tank!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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