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Need gray carpet set for 62 Jetfire

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    Did you ever find a solution for your carpet?



    I talked to Pony Parts Plus and finally ordered a molded carpet from them for my 62 Jetfire. It was actually listed for a 62 2 door sedan but was told it would fit. For $160. I took a chance. I haven’t installed it yet but laid it in roughly and it looks like it will fit. I bought extra material in case I decide to install my 4 speed. I haven’t found a carpet for the 62 4 speed Jetfire but I think I can make this one work with the extra material



    Let me know how it fits. If I can find the right color I still plan to spray mine but like to have a backup plan.



    What is the correct name for the silver interior on the 62 Jetfire? Is it the same as the silver of a 63 Deluxe Station Wagon Platinum Interior? I have an interior color book for 63 and platinum shows Medium Gray for the carpet.

    I am not even close to a professional at matching color but wondering how well the arm rest pad matches the carpet when it is not faded? To me, when I compare my arm rest to the color of the carpet under the door seal, it looks real close. I am thinking I will take my arm rest into the paint store and see if we can match up the arm rest to a can of SEM.

    Any thoughts?



    The 62 color selector for the 62 Jetfire also calls out Medium Gray carpet for Trim 971. I think I still have the carpet I took out of one of my Jetfires. It was originally gray and turned brown just as yours did. If it would help I can send a piece of that carpet to you as well as a piece of the new gray carpet I bought from Pony Parts. Just thinking you might take them to the paint store, maybe they would let you spray some paint on the old carpet and check the color.



    Looking at the SEM chart for what they call medium gray I believe is way off but that is also going from an internet picture of a color chart. I sure hope to find a correct color of there paint for the carpet because my carpet is in very nice condition other than fading. Not sure if you ever used the SEM for carpet but it is amazing how good it works and it even lasts like a new carpet.



    FYI for anyone needing to know,

    I can not find the correct color for the carpet but I got close. This does not have as much shine to it but the color is close. I taped off the door seal area so it would show a good reference. I used SEM Titanium Metallic 15253. This is close enough for most people but if someone need factory perfect it may not work for them. With my car being more of a driver condition car and as bad as they looked before, I can live with it. I still have to do the door panel carpet.



    I think it looks pretty good Eric. I’m going to try it on my door panel as well. My car will pretty much be a daily driver, local shows, so it probably will be fine.



    1963 Olds Jetfire Carpet
    Click image for a larger view
    Side View Side View
    Heel Pad Photo Heel Pad Photo

    1963 Olds Jetfire Carpet, 2 Door Automatic

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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