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    Im new to the club and am looking purchase my first ’62 F85 Convert Cutlass – California car, so I’m anticipating negligible rust at best. seems look consistant – but it does not have the single dorsal trim on the hood; was that an option? I’m also considering to add a ’61/’62 Starfire console, but not sure if I have the space between the bucket seats nor if I need to move the gear shifter backwards…I was also considering adding a triple row radiator, just to handle the hot Chicago summers…..anyone ever consider adding the Starfire console?



    Hi, Congratulations. I’ working on bringing up a 62 myself. I think the center hood trim is standard for the Cutlass trim. We have 2 Cutlass converts and it’s on both. Both also have the cutlass center console.The original HD cooling option had a 4 row cross flow. D&D Fabrication is talking about bringing a cross flow alum rad to market which will have mounting brackets. Not available yet but may be happening in the near future.



    Thats great… to exchange notes and pics as the projects get closer to completion. I live in the Chicago land area- is there a reputable machinist who knows how to rebuild a 215ci Aluminum V8 for my 1962 F85 Cutlass Conver.I want to start off with a strong power train. Is D&D Fabs the place to go? I have spoken to Mark of D&D ; extremely knowledgable….he’ 7 hours away, a bit far. I was hopping to find someone local. But I’d be willing to take it to D&D knowing it will be done right. This car comes with an Eddlebrock 4BRL of which most folks are suggesting the Eddlebrock carb is a much better piece than the original 4BRL carb. Unless I’m going concourse, I should stay with the Eddlebrock…is that right? This car does have the original carb in a box. Do you know of someone who can rebuild the original carb to include applying the DICHROMATE for protection,that way I have it ready for install if I choose to go that way.



    I am also in the Chicago area and have a 62 Jetfire that I am looking to sell. I also have several running F85’s with Cutlass trim and without, that are for sale. I have many extra parts, including a grey console for a Jetfire or Cutlass. (It has the turbo boost gauge). Contact me if you are looking for specific trim or other pieces. I do not have a shift linkage however. Good luck with the project!



    PhilHahn62 – are you willing to sell trim off of your Jetfire? I have a 62 restoration project underway, and am missing the Jetfire trim (logo) on the front fenders and decklid. I am in the DC area, and haven’t had much luck finding the Jetfire logos. Please let me know!



    I am in search of several items for my F85. One piece in particular is the stainless steel trim that the convertible top boot snaps onto when the top is down. I’m also looking for rubber floor matts. I though you were in the DC area; since you’re in the Chicago land area, is there a possibility I can see what extra parts Id be needing . Is your JETFIRE console come in a Fawn color?
    Thanks. Charles



    Good day,
    Do you still have parts on the 62 f85/Jetfire? I’m starting up my project, full bore. My project involves converting my ’62 F-85 Deluxe Convertible into a convertible Jetfire, at least from an exterior aesthetic perspective. I believe I have a great base…………And now I am on a quest to find the parts I need and create the Jetfire convertible, I’ve always wanted:

    1. Complete hood assembly with dual spears
    2. Complete side body trim assemblies
    3. Both front Jetfire badges
    4. Jetfire trunk logo
    5. Turbo gauge

    Hope you can help




    Do you still have any ’62 Jetfire exterior parts?

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