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    I’ve got a set of buckets from a 62 Jetfire (light blue with dark blue accent) that I want to get recovered, and will likely do the back seat to match. Is there a company that sells repro seat covers and foam, or do I have to source the materials from SMS and have them made?



    Kits for the 1963 models are available from OPGI
    but I don’t know of anyone reproducing 1962 seat upholstery. When I did my 1963 these kits weren’t available yet. So I went the SMS Fabrics route and found a good local upholstery shop who used the original seat upholstery as a pattern. I had good luck with SMS but others have received batches of material with inconsistent coloring. The two-tone colors were a problem for at least one other person who frequents this website. There is another thread on this forum with seat upholstery as the subject. Good luck with your project.



    Okay, Looked at OPGI site and they offer the bucket and rear seat foam for 62’s and the seat upholstery for the ’63’s. Thanks for pointing that out. So…are the 62 and 63 bucket and rear seats the same dimensions? Would they fit? It seems to me if they list them as ’63’s then they probably don’t.



    They should fit and are the same dimensions but they won’t have the correct pattern. The appearance for the ’63’s is as shown on OPGI’s website and you know what the ’62’s look like. Also, the ’63’s are single color, not two-tone. I you’re concerned about the correct look for a 1962 then this is not a good option.



    I am definitely concerned about the correct, two toned look, so I’ll have to have them made, it looks like. However, OPG is offering the bucket seat foam, so at least there’s that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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