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Oldsmobile 'red' for trim and badges

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    Mar 10 2010, 5:32 PM
    Oldsmobile ‘red’ for trim and badges

    Don’t know if anybody is interested but….. Ive looked for some time for a -small-container of paint to use for repainting the trunk emblems and hubcap ‘markers’ the original color -that Oldsmobile red. (also I presume that color is the same for many years maybe forever ??)
    I found a fingernail polish at Wal Mart – “Sally Hansen Hard as Nails” CARDINAL to be an exact match!! The quantity is just about right for the various badges and emblems and the hubcaps. The brush is small enuf to go into the narrowest places and excess/over paint – if someone jostles your elbow – can be scraped off after dry.

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