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Original camshafts

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    I have a question on camshafts. The 1972 parts book I have shows part number 1362245 for 61-63 F-85. I picked up an NOS cam and has that part number on the GM tube it came in. I found that the cam has a number that is cast into it and that number is 1362244 but is NOS and in the 1362245 tube. I grabbed both of my used Jetfire cams and both of them have a number 1362247 cast into them. Couple questions…

    Does anyone have a used Cutlass or f-85 cam laying around you could look at and see what number is cast into it? Also, does someone have a 1962 or 63 parts book they could look up the cam part numbers in? Maybe they standardized to a one size fits all by 1972 that my parts book is dated?

    I did put a caliper on the lobes and they measure the same between this NOS can and my Jetfire cams but did not know if maybe the duration or lobe separation would be different. My guess is that they are all the same but if so, why the different numbers?



    Hi Eric,
    My 1963 parts book is dated “Effective October 1962” in the front of the book. It does list “J/fire” for many of the parts so I have assumed it does cover Jetfire too. For the camshaft, it only lists a single part number for all “1961 thru 1963 F85” as 1164950.
    In my parts book dated “Effective September 1961” it lists two different camshaft numbers; “1961 & 1962-F85 exc. Heavy Duty” 1164950 and “1961 & 1962-F85 Heavy Duty” 583043. I do not know what heavy duty means but it is before any Jetfire parts were listed.



    Hi Eric,
    Looked up some old records of my Jetfire engine rebuilds and found the following:
    1989 Jetfire rebuild I used the D & D reco GM cam # 1362245, stock for all 1961-63 F-85’s.
    2013 Jetfire rebuild I used the D & D reco Crower cam #50228 “best cam replacement for the Buick Skylark 200 H.P.”
    I rebuilt 3 other Jetfire engines but can’t find the records of the parts used. I have usually given all the parts and service records to the person that I sold the car to. I have used D & D, Dan LaGrou, for all my engine parts since about 1982.



    Thanks for all the information Jim. Looks like I need to try and come up with a way to check this NOS cam with a dial indicator next to one of my NOS cams. I could just go with the Crower like I used in the automatic car but I would like to use this NOS cam in the 4 speed car if I can be sure it is the same. I know the lift is the same but the rest is hard to determine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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