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    Took a half day off work and got more done on this car. First, I finished the boost gauge install. It now works as it should thanks to John. Between his and the one in the car and an extra one I had I was able to put together a real nice one.

    I then worked on the problem of it wanting to die on me. I found a clamp on the return line cutting off flow back to the tank. I removed this clamp and it got worse when I test drove it. I suspected all along that it was a fuel problem but decided to take some tools with me on another run and have my youngest girl with me. Next time it died I had her crank it while I was checking spark. For sure it was not electrical. It ended up starting again so we took off till it died again. This time I turned the key off and pushed in the clutch as quick as I could to keep the fuel pump from pumping any more. I took the float bowl cover off and sure enough the bowl was empty. The guy had D&D rebuild the engine and it had a rebuilt pump on it from D&D when he got it back. He had found that I had an NOS Jetfire pump so he decided to buy it from me and swap out the one D&D put on it. Looks like the NOS pump went bad. I will put the one back on it from D&D and see how it goes.

    It was missing the clove box and a new one came in today from Fusick. I got that installed also.




    I got the fuel issue fixed and the car is driving real well now. The engine and turbo is working great. I had to fix an oil leak, pulled the tank and replaced the fuel sock, installed a trunk mat, and adjusted a little more on the shifter.

    I took it to my body guys house and he said the body work was done very nice but he did find that the hood and driver door needs adjusted better. I will take it to him next month and let him adjust them and do some other little detail work.

    Took my wife and kids on a 40 mile drive to the Cataract General Store, it is the oldest continuous running store in Indiana.



    Does anyone have a correct 63 bracket for the Turbo Rocket Fluid reserve bottle they want to sell? Would be interested in the bottle also but the bracket is the main thing I need.



    Sprang a leak in the fluid tank. Looks like someone tried to fill a couple little pin holes with body filler, lol. I took it off and will fix it correct. Will have to bead blast all the paint and filler off of it and run some muriatic acid through it to be sure it is clean inside. I will solder the pin holes and also do a Red Coat liner as well just to be double sure it will not have a problem in the future.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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