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    All these years for some reason I have been saying our cars were Garnet Mist. I went to get a really small batch of paint made to paint a set of wheels and was all confused between what I thought and what their documents showed. Well, for some strange reason I thought code N was Garnet mist but it is Royal Mist. So now that I know our cars are royal mist maybe I can find the correct color, lol.

    Does anyone here know the best brand paint to match the original color?



    Locate an automotive paint supply store that has a “color camera” used to match paint colors. Take off your gas filler door (easiest part to remove with the body color you want to match) and let them make a pint for you. Sometimes they will only make a quart? The result will match your body color best after 50 years of age/weathering. The 1962 Oldsmobile Service Manual has the original RM and DuPont paint codes in the back, however I have not been able to find anyone that can mix paint from these old codes. Brand will not make much difference. My Jetfire station wagon above is Garnet Mist.



    Thanks Jim. I am hoping to find the correct shade that is not faded. I am going to restore a set of 15 inch wheels for the 4 speed car and put a set of radials on them. I had 13’s on that car that I happen to have that were road worthy but now took them off to put on the 63 I sold. These 15’s will be the tires and wheels I use after the car is finished but need something now also since the 13’s are now gone. I have the original wheels that match and still have the old bias ply tires on them. If those don’t match after I restore the car I will deal with repainting those then. I am hopping to not have to remove those tires because it will likely destroy them. Those will be just for show events because the bias ply tires are from 1970.



    Jim, I want the silver that’s on your car but I don’t have anything to take to the shop to put under camera so the paint can be made. Do you happen to have anything I can use?



    I will look and see if I have any paint left over? I do have the 1962 Color & Fabric book that has all the color swatches. Send me an email and we can discuss.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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