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    Good news! I have determined that the engine and transmission are the original to the car. I do not have the protect o plate to prove it but the Julian dates for the engine match up to be in the car. Before I got the car I was going by pictures and in the picture the car build date looks like an 03D and the engine is newer than that. Turns out that the picture was not clear because the build date is 06D and the engine fits perfect. Looks like the only thing that was ever changed was the turbo. It has a June date also but is not red and the turbo date should be older on a June car since the turbos were made in California and the cars built in Michigan.



    I little investigative work today. Found a service receipt in the glove box. It is dated 6-19-70 and shows the spark plugs, points, cap and rotor replaced. Funny thing is, They did not replace the plug wires because they are the original 2Q-62 plug wires. They did not document the miles on the receipt but on the next day (06-20-70) he had the oil changed and the decal is still on the door. This documented the miles with 42,724 on it. The people I got it from said it was parked in 1974 and it still has the 1974 plates on it. The odometer shows 44,027 miles now. That is only 1303 miles from 1970 to 1974. I assume the oil in the car now is 45 years old, EW!!!

    The title to it is the original 1962 title. The original owner is 100 years old from what I am told.

    I don’t plan to attempt to start it till next summer. I plan to pull the pipe from the manifold to the turbo and make a temporary one that will just blow out the front of the car with the hood up. I am sure the pipes are full of rust and don’t want to blow that stuff through the turbo. Will also have to do many other things to prepare for a start up after it sit this long. The car will be a major project just to get running, driving, and stopping.



    I got both cars out today to do a little cleaning in the garage. After cleaning the garage I got this one on the lift to have a good look at the bottom side. I still have not determined what course of action I will take with this car. Till then I am not touching much of anything on it. I did spray the 4 speed shifter with lots of Kroil and got the reverse part of it to start working again.

    The bottom side of this car is very heavily pitted everywhere. Nothing on the floor pans are through but I fear that it will be in places when cleaned up. I have a 28,000 mile parts car that have perfect floors and inner front fenders so at least I have sheet metal to fix it if I need it. The entire front suspension is by far the worst condition for rust pitting. I know I will want to use the front suspension/crossmember out of the parts car.

    This car is invited to the MCACN show in Chicago for the barn/garage find section. I can not take it this year because we are taking the W-30 this year and listing it for sale. If I clean this car it will disqualify it from there barn find section. It has to be “as found” I want to clean it but not going to till I know what we are doing with it. I think I will attempt to at least get it to run next summer and go from there.



    Hi Eric, I’m curious how the VIN tag on the fire wall of your new 4-speed car designates the 4-speed option. Would you be able to post a photo of the VIN tag when you have time. Good luck getting it running!



    I don’t have any documents to prove this is a factory 4 speed car. I am sure this car was never converted but I just can not prove it. I am not sure where the Julian date would be on the T10 transmission but I will bet it is going to fall in line with the other date code parts on the car.



    Hi Eric,
    I have attached two pics of a ’62 F-85 B/W T-10. Date codes are on the cover and tail section.



    Thanks, I will look at it tonight and see what the dates are on it.



    4 speed transmission dates…

    The iron case casting date is D.19.62 and the aluminum tail housing casting date is 5.5.62 so the dates fit great for a 4th week of June car.



    I have come up with what I want to do with this car. For now I am leaving it dirty and don’t plan to clean it up. I want to keep that “as found” look to it for as long as I can. I did start the process to attempt to get it started today. I will not start it till Spring but starting now on preparations.

    I changed the oil and filter first thing then marked the distributor so I could time it exactly where it was at. Pulled the distributor and spun the oil pump with a chisel attached to a socket and to a drill. I circulated the oil for about 5 minutes and let it sit for a couple hours and repeated the process. I then turned the engine a half turn and did it all again. It turned over nice and easy so I do not believe it has any stuck valves. Looking down the hole for the distributor it is very clean inside.

    I took the radiator hose off and found the antifreeze is crystallized real bad. This is going to be very tough to clean out. I will likely have to pull it apart to do it right. I am sure the turbo and throttle body is full of it also. I hope to clean it enough to be able to at least run it and see what kinds of other problems there are to fix. This Spring I plan to attempt to run hot water through the system from the hot water heater. Hopefully it will melt some of this out.

    I pulled the float cover off and found that it is very clean inside the carburetor. I went ahead and blew out the orifices and all are clear. At least clear enough to run the engine. The gas tank is 3/4 full of 1974 gas and it is BAD! I am not even going to drain it here at home. This stuff is the most potent stale gas I have ever seen. I am going to take it out to the river bottoms and drain it into a drum and burn it. I got a little out of it when we first bought the car and that spot of the driveway stunk for over a month. Nobody lives out at the river bottoms so if a little gets spilled it won’t bother anyone.



    Working on the car again this morning. I took off the manifold to turbo pipe and all the nuts came off like it was new. I couldn’t believe they were not rusted together. I also pulled loose the down pipe from the turbo to have a look inside. I had though I had checked the turbo before but it must have been on the extra engine I got from Ken. This turbo it not frozen up. It spins free and from an external view looks to be in good condition, should make a good core for rebuild.

    I have a question on vacuum advance units. I know the Jetfire Hydramatic cars had there own vacuum advance canister. From what I am seeing in the parts book, It looks like the 4 speed car got the same vacuum advance canister as all the other cars did. It has a 168 stamped on the canister and the parts book shows the part number as 1116168 so I assume this is correct. Does anyone have other information on this? I tested the vacuum pod and it starts advancing at a 7 inch vacuum and is fully advanced at a 20 inch vacuum.

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