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    Starting on the turbo project. I am starting to believe this 4 speed car has the original turbo even though it is a silver one. There is an original owner 62 Jetfire north of me that still has its original turbo and is silver. I have not seen them but he claims to have original pictures of it when it was new to prove it. The time between his turbo date and car build date is the same as mine. Even if mine is original, I am going to use this red turbo on my car because I like the look of the red better. This turbo was apart before but everything inside looks great. Even the controller diaphragms are in great condition. It for sure has to have a seal but other than that I am pleased.



    I bought one new in Oct. 1962 and it had the silver turbo. I have owned two others since that also had silver turbos. I have two now but I don’t know what came on them originally, although I have reason to believe one of them came with a red turbo.



    A couple weeks back I was able to get the spark plugs out. I feel so much better that I don’t have to pull the heads. I had oiled them nearly every time I had the engine hot last summer and fall. I was able to get them to turn about a 1/4 turn and soaked them again and the next day they came out. They were tight but did not hurt the threads in the heads.

    Before I pull the turbo that is on the car I wanted to boost with it and see how it would do. This turbo’s seal does not leak surprisingly. I rebuilt the fluid valve last weekend and installed a rebuilt Check and relief valve that Jim crimped back together back in late 2015. I put the old 13″ radials and wheels on it from the automatic car and took it for a drive tonight. This turbo boosts great! I drove the car for the first time at cruising speeds and even up to 60 MPH one time. I boosted probably 10 times and the car performs great! Jim,, you were right about the stock shifter, IT SUCKS….



    I have been looking for an NOS washer jar since 2011 and finely found one. I am sure some of you seen this one on eBay but it was way over priced. He lowered his price and added a best offer after a couple weeks. I shot him an offer and he took it! I will likely put this one on the automatic car and that one on this 4 speed car. I get as excited finding NOS parts as I use to when I was riding FMX on the 4 wheelers, lol.



    With all the over time I am working the red turbo project is still on hold. Today I was able to get some time away from work and with the limited time I had I decided to pull the tank out of this car. The trunk pan is still very nice above the tank. The car has lots of surface rust on the bottom but thankfully everything is solid still. The biggest issue is the roll pan on the back. It will need replaced but thankfully I have an NOS one now. The tank is full of junk and some rust particles. The tank don’t have any holes in it but I will have to clean it out real good. I am undecided if i will add a liner to the inside but I likely should. The bottom inside of the tank is good but the rusty area is the top inside where the fuel was not covering it.



    Turns out that the seam on the tank has some bad spots in it. I believe a liner will fix it but for now I just cleaned it out and put it back in the car. I will just keep about 5 gallons in it to keep it below the seam. I will not drive it other than pulling it in and out of the garage. I will decide later what I will do with it. I have a Buick tank that is nearly identical. I can likely swap the neck and move the vent and work just like the original.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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