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    Absolutely. Charles, you’re in the driver’s seat. What can I do to contribute? Thanks much!



    I will let you know when I find something out about this 62 I know about.

    I know these 63 emblems will not help but I just posted these on eBay.



    Just got word you got a hold of some NOS fender ’62 Jetfire fender badges….congrats!! Any chance you might be interested in letting go of your old set?



    To be honest, These emblems are bothering me. I am nowhere near ready to use them. It will be 2 to 4 years before I am ready to use them. What bothers me is that I am depriving others form getting them that need them now. I was not going to buy them because of this (and the price)but my wife seen them and said I had to buy them. I sure wasn’t going to tell her no.

    I will use them on our 4 speed car someday when I restore it but that is going to be a while. The ones on our 4 speed car are nice but do have some very minor pitting. The ones on our automatic car are near NOS condition.

    Sorry but I can’t let any go at this time.

    If my 63 emblems on ebay don’t sell I am going to make some kind of display with them in the garage.



    I’ve been looking for parts for about a year and a half now, with no luck. Your wife did a great job. Is there somewhere I should be looking. I search Ebay, Craigslist and Hemings with absolute nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please keep me in mind if you do decide to part with them.




    Jaswest in Canada reproduces the brushed aluminum inserts. I got a set for my ’62 restoration project and they are EXACTLY correct. He did a nice job. He advertises in JWO for Starfire inserts, but he also does the Jetfire. They cost $1000 plus shipping and customs clearance, which was about another $100 bucks total.



    Just viewed the web site. Great company! Looks like they put out great products for the Starfire; I’ll contact them to get the specifics on their Jetfire aluminum panels. If as you say they are EXACT, then this will be a great way to jump start my search for my Jetfire Convertible project.



    Any idea where I can find the 2-fender Jetfire badges for a ’62



    The only thing I can think of for the Jetfire fender emblems is to find a car in a junkyard. Desert Valley in the Phoenix area had two or three ’62 Jetfires not too long ago. There was a ’62 in an old car junk yard in Wendell, Idaho quite a few years ago. I don’t know if it’s still there. Some of these specialty old car yards advertise in the Oldsmobile section in Hemmings Motor News and you might try calling them and see if they have some restorable emblems. Good luck. If I come across one in my various travels and old car junk yard searches, I will let you know.



    thanks for your help.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 24 total)

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