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Reconditioning Body trim and fender badges

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    I have a complete hood with dorsal finns still on it. Still interewsted and where are you for shipping, etc if still needed.



    Yes…I am interested. Other than the hood, do you have any other Jetfire insignia and/or fender badges?

    3-piece side body trim and two front Jetfire fender badges is what I also need.



    The hood is complete and has been in my garage for over ten years. I do have the trim as well. I dismantled two Jetfires for parts and I have saved as much as possible.
    The emblems I have are very, very poor condition. I also have a trunk badge, but in three pieces. I do have most of the trim pieces, but again they would need some work to make the look good.

    What color is your Jetfire? I may have interior panels (rear) and seat frames/chrome/console as well.



    I currently have a 1962 F-85 deluxe convertible which I am converting to a Jetfire “convertible”. Can you forward me pics of all the badges and trim you have? Can you email to me at I’v e attached a photo of me car in its current state.



Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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