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    My Daddy had a 62 Jetfire. He’s passed away now and we are cleaning the house out. Found a jug of the rocket fluid. Almost a full gallon. Is this something that y’all would want? I barely remember the car but it seemed to be cool. Thanks



    I would be interested in it if the decal is still good. I just want one for a display. My last Jetfire was supposed to come with a gallon but I forgot to get it when I picked up the car and now he won’t send it to me. What would you want for it?



    I’m not really sure. $75.00 maybe. I would really like to get it somebody that needs it. I’m sending a photo of it. The bottle is a little dirty but I didn’t want to try to clean it. Thanks



    I will have to pass at $75 but someone here will likely want it. Where are you located at? If someone buys it it can be shipped by ground. It is not dangerous enough to keep it from the mail.



    I really don’t know the value of it. What do you think it’s worth? I just really want somebody to use it. I’m in NC near Charlotte. If somebody was going to the Autofair I could get it to them also. Since you say it’s safe to ship I wouldn’t mind doing that either. Thanks



    I don’t really know what it would be worth. It would not surprise me at all if it went for that much on ebay. I was just in Charlotte back in June delivering a 70 442.



    I am sure it is worth more than this to someone but if you just want to get rid of it I would take it for $35 shipped. I only need the jug with the decal. You could dump out the contents if you wanted to save shipping cost. USPS would be cheep for as light as it would be empty.



    I’ll just keep it for now



    I can understand that, no problem.



    Is this still for sale?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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