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    Has anyone used them? I started to replace mine and the new ones are not even close to correct. I have roughly a 1/8 inch gap between the vent window and the new rubber seal. I would have to bend things to get the front side to seal but if I do that then the rear is not going to seal. I checked the part number and I have the correct part. Not sure what to do now. Does anyone else make these


    Not quite sure from your description what the fit is like. My vent window fits tight in mine but the rubber is a little high against the door skin. I think mine were stelle rubber but not sure, 2-3 years ago, Convert

    Metro might make them too. I’ve used some of their stuff, good tech service too.,


    Hi Eric,
    I used Steele vent window repro rubber (38-0082-55) and seal on divider (50-0337-56) for two 1962 Jetfire’s and my 1962 conv’t. All three came out very good. My last replacement was in 2013 and the Steele part number was the same as yours listed here.
    You might want to check with Steele to see if they are really correct or maybe marked incorrectly in their storage?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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