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    I want to change the steering column and steering wheel any suggestions on this. Pro and con’s on doing this. Would rather not buy new, but buy from a salvage yard.



    Are you looking to replace with original parts or change to something non original?



    I was think of putting in a tilt. Doesn’t matter if it is an original part. What I seam to be running into is the shifter is on the column. Which most require them to be floor shifters.



    Not sure I would be the right guy to help with that project. I am more of a restorer or rebuilder than a fabricator.



    You aren’t going to find anything that will bolt in. These cars aren’t popular enough for a company like Ididit to market one. You will need to have one custom built or modify one yourself. Ididit sells column shift versions, but you will need to fabricate a linkage to match. The only bolt-in columns are the 1961-63 F-85 and Skylark columns. Even then, the manual and power steering versions are different.



    Ididit or Flaming River have a universal kit. Why ruin a classic by putting tilt in it….yuck… Few places will shrink your original wheel.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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