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    I picked up 2 more 62 Cutlass cars, a limited slip 3.36 rear end, a complete turbo setup, another 4 speed Jetfire carburetor and a pile of NOS parts all in one week. Let me know if you are looking for any parts and I will see what I have.



    How do you find this stuff?!?


    How do you find this stuff?!?

    From to much time on the net…. The one I picked up yesterday is a little funny. The guys wife was having a yard sale in Cincinnati Ohio, 3 hours away from me. A guy I do not know stopped in the yard sale and noticed the 62 Cutlass. He ask if it was for sale. The guy said he had not thought about it but would consider selling it. He took pictures and sent to his friend. His friend that I also do not know posted those pictures on another Oldsmobile forum and ask questions about it. He decided not to buy it so I ask for the contact information. When I talked to the guy he thought it must be fraud because of me being 3 hours away. I assured him it was not fraud and that I could be there in the morning with cash in hand. He reluctantly give me his address and I left at 5:30 AM Sunday.




    I’ll take the center diff section and drain plug with tag from the limited slip rear. That thing looks like it was in a lake! I hope the diff is good.
    Also. when you have time to list all the NOS stuff I’ll look through it. My friend Lee lives on the next street over from me and he bought Phil’s 62 Jetfire that he is restoring and he needs parts.
    Looks like an NOS radiator hose WOW.
    Do you have an NOS Turbo Fluid Filter? I’ll take it if you do.



    The limited slip rear end is actually really nice inside. I pulled the cover off and it has no wear at all on the gears and the bearings spin very nice. I started cleaning on the outside and it is mostly dried dirt on it. Most of it comes right off. There are areas that are pitted but about average of other rear ends I see.

    Nothing I got NOS with this load was Jetfire specific. It is either Cutlass specific or for all the f-85 line. The grills, tail light bezels, front hood molding and headlight bezels where most of what I was wanting for myself. There are some other cool random parts there though. A couple NOS automatic floor shifter red buttons, clock knobs, Idler arm, tie rod ends, front crossmember assembly rubber mounts for the back location, every electric switch there is… the list is long. No fluid filters though.



    Sold the red and primer project car. Going to deliver it to Detroit in the next couple weeks. While I am there I am going to try to get in to the GM Heritage center. Been trying to go for the past 13 months. I sent them an email to see if they have an opening in the next three weeks. If they do, that is when I will deliver the car. I was supposed to go last Fall but never was able to get away from work. Hope to see some new information.



    Picked up 2 NOS fluid bottle brackets with the straps. The 1972 parts book is showing these as 62 only. Not sure the difference between 62 and 63? I am going to let one go and keep the other one. I paid $100 for a rusty used one a while back so I would like to get $175 and shipping for the one I let go of.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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