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    Hi there,

    I´m Daniel from Munich/Germany and I`m new to this forum. I just bought a 63 F-85 without engine and transmission, the rest of the car is nearly complete but naturally not in best condition.

    I already read many of the discussions on engine swaps, so I decided, if I will not resell the car anyway, to keep things original. It has the shifter for the 3speed tranny on the steering column.

    The Rover engines are not so difficult to get here in Germany but I don`t know anything about the matching transmission. Can anybody give me the right type/manufacturer of the 3speed manual transmission used in these cars?

    Are there any other transmissions from Rover or something else that fit without changing the driveshaft?

    I have another question concerning the VIN. I have only a small metal plate with the VIN information. Was the VIN also stamped somewhere in the sheetmetal of the body?

    Thanks to everybody giving me some information!

    Greetings from Southern Germany,




    I believe the 3 speed manual is a Saginaw, I have one but never paid much attention to it



    The vin is also stamped on the frame rail visible with the good up, at least on a 62



    Hello youngolds,

    thanks for the transmission information!
    Where in The framerails is The VIN Stamped in?
    I think somewhere on The hump for The frontaxle, right?
    Sorry, but The preowner covered The whole thing with a thick anti-rust paint, so before I begin to scratch it off, it would be better to know The right Position where to search ;-).



    Drivers side frame rail, engine side, above and slightly forward of the front crossmember



    Here is where the VIN is stamped into the frame on my 1962 Jetfire.



    Hey guys,

    thanks for your answers! Now I definitely know where to search:-).



    The Rover motor is externally identical to the GM motor. All transmissions that fit one also fit the other. D&D sells a reproduction bellhousing if you want to retain the manual trans.



    Hello Joe,

    thanks for The bellhouse information. My Problem is that there is no transmission in my car and I wanted to know which was The original manual 3 speed used in The 1963 F-85 cars. The original driving shaft is still in there and I want to keep it because The spare parts Situation is even worse here in Germany…



    It might be hard to find one, all the other Saginaw 3 speeds I’ve had don’t look like the 3 speed that was in my 62. It’s actually the only one I’ve ever seen

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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