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    Any one have a source for 62 cutlass turn signal lenses?



    I have an NOS front set I can let go of. I would need $70 and shipping for them. I may have a used set but would likely have some imperfections in them. If I have a used usable set I would let a set go for $40 and shipping.



    Do you have any front and or rear turn signal/tail light gaskets?



    I think I have good used front gaskets but not sure about the back. I have some NOS ones for the back but I need to see if I have enough. I will want 4 for my car and anything more than that I could sell. I believe I have several NOS rear lenses for 61 and 62 including the 61 clear ones. If I get time tonight I will look and see what I have.



    I would like to buy the front turn signal lenses ang gaskets. Please send info on how to pay.



    I would like to buy the nos front turn signal lenses and gaskets. Please send info on how to pay.




    I only have used gaskets but the lenses are NOS. Let me get pictures tonight and send them to your email



    Just sent email. Turns out that my used gaskets are not any good.



    I found it almost impossible to find a set of 1962 front parking light lenses gaskets 5 years ago. I decided to make a set for my Jetfire. I used gray RTV silicone to do the job. I took an old parking light housing and old lens, cleaned them both very well. Put a light coat of Pam frying pan spray on both the lens and housing, then applied a generous coating of the gray RTV on the lens. Put the lens into the housing and applied “light” pressure with the two screws to push the lens down, but not to the bottom! Let the RTV setup for a day, then separated. The gaskets came out quite nice, not as good as originals but the work fine.



    Jim, I have been playing with some mold making and never thought about it for this. Here is a video that would give the basics of what I am doing. I bet if we coated the lens and housing with soap and molded this into it, I bet it would work a little easier. Just an idea if someone wants to try it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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