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    I started a new thread to discuss this Jetfire I just found. This 63 has manual steering and brakes, electric 4 way seat (A46), Power deck lid release (A91), 14″ wheels, Remote control side mirror (D33), Courtesy lamp (U29 has switch on dash), Glove box lamp (U27), clock, Parking brake lamp (U40, red light on dash), Radio. So far that’s all I found.

    I was just looking in the glove box and found: Original sales contract, Pre-delivery inspection sheet, Warranty book with plate, owner’s manual.
    The engine numbers match the numbers on the warranty plate.
    Delivery Date 12-1-62 is inside the Warranty Book. Looks like it sat on the lot about a year? Isn’t 11A on the firewall tag the date it was made? That would be November 1962 1st week?


    “Jensen, don’t you have an extra 63 Turbo now?”

    I have extra parts but not a complete system. I have some carburetors, Turbos(disassembled), fluid metering valves, air cleaners and throttle bodies but all of it needs rebuilt. I am replacing the 63 unit on our 62 with a red one but that is the turbo only. Some day the silver one will go on the 4 speed car we picked up but not any time soon. At this time I don’t have any intakes, exhaust manifolds, check and relief valves or fluid tanks extra. I am going to sell an air cleaner and I am looking for an extra fluid tank.


    I have a friend who also has a lot of parts, no complete unit. Can put you in contact if needed. Similar situation to Jensen-no fluid tanks, or intake, or exhaust. has a waste-gate, turbos, carb, and more, all needs rebuild/refurb.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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