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    Who has the best vent window weatherstripping? With it being a hardtop Jetfire do I order it for convertible or do I order it for the post model? Or do I order it for the Buick hardtop?

    What about the roofrail and door weatherstripping? Then the window fuzzies?



    Got vent window and door for my convert from steele rubber. Vent window seemed a little short on the door overlap. The door strip fit good but did not have the original steel wire stiffener imbedded like the orig. With the stiffener you don’t have to glue, without it you need to add some glue tack points. Checked with metro and their’s is the same. Can’t you order for the hardtop specifically? We ordered for the Jetfires we are doing, haven’t installed it yet.




    The post cars will definitely be different. Skylarks were true hardtops. Get those if you can’t find a Jetfire-specific listing.



    Steele has all the vent window gasket. You will need to drill out the pivot rivet. They are available on the web and the tool to crimp the end. You need to look around. The gasket fits good but needed a trim with an exacto knife. They have the inner sweep and the outside rubber are available for Jetfire. Now the outer rubber sweep has failed on the passenger side. Rubber ripped on the end after 1 year. Very disappointed!! To replace it you need to remove the vent window because there is a screw under that needs to be removed. Big job!!

    Last thing I also had to rebuild the side glass channel. Steel has reproduced the steel channel. You need to save the end brackets and weld them back on. If anyone needs help send me an email and ask some questions. Good luck.




    I’d be interested in learning more about this rivet tool.

    It amazes me how much of the weatherstrip for these cars is available from Steele. I was able to get just about every single rubber part for my 62 wagon from them – including the tailgate weatherstrip – and there must be all of three people in the world looking for this stuff for a wagon. Meanwhile I can’t get rear door weatherstrips for my 64 Vista. Go figure.




    You don’t need to drill out the pivot rivet, it’s much easier to drill the 2 rivets that hold that bracket to the frame, they are under the old weather strip so they don’t show. Then just use pop rivets to secure back on. Just make sure its aligned correctly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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