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wheel/tire size

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    I was thinking 7″ wide wheels. The problem is finding 215/60r15 with the 1″-1.5″ white walls.
    All I can find on the internet or tire stores are expensive Cookers.



    That’s what I am running on a 64 El Camino it works out pretty good. I like black walls anyway so I don’t worry about it, then you can pick the tire you want. But I’m not running a show car, I like good performance in a tire and pick it based on that and what I want to spend.
    I googled 215 60 15 white wall tire and see a company called Calli under and they have one in 3 white wall widths. I have no idea of tire performance. $131. Probably others too, keep looking
    Hope this gets you there;



    I have located 215/70r14 one inch whitewall tires at a reasonable price. They are about 3/4 inch taller than the 215/60r15



    Very poor and getting worse tire selection in 14″. OK diameter in that size. Good selection in 15″ and even better in 16″ as they are still a modern wheel size. Lots of Hondas and Toyotas running around on 205 15s and 16s. No one uses 14″s anymore so few modern tires are made in it.Seems like white wall is your main criteria so you need to compromise between performance and cosmetics. Good luck in your search.



    May sound crazy but how is tire diameter measured? When I convert my original 600 15 tires to radial it give me 185/70 15 but when I check the diameter on google it gives me 25.2 inches. My original 600 15 measures 26.25 at the max diameter when just using a tape measure. From what I see it looks like 205 70 15 is the same diameter at 26.3 but it would be to wide. I can’t find anything in whitewall that is even close to the correct size. Not sure what I am going to do for tires yet but I really want to keep the 15’s.



    Would a 205 70 15 fit on the original 15 inch wheels? Would they fit between the axle and body to mount them?




    I’ve had 205/70-14s on the back of my wagon for eight years now, using 14×6 aluminum wheels with a slight negative offset (they are biased towards the outside). Obviously that tire is about an inch smaller in diameter than yours, but it’s the same section width. Scott Phillips has 215/60-15s on the stock 15″ wheels on his convertible and they also fit fine. Again, about an inch smaller in diameter than yours but about 0.4″ wider in section.

    As for measuring, well, tires are flexible. Both actual section width and diameter depend on both air pressure and rim width.



    the best way is to measure the circumfrence

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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