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    Does anyone know if the current stock steel rims can accept a wider size tire. My car currently carries a 165 width tire. Looks extremely unproportional and wimpy. I’d like to go with a 195 size width.



    if i remember correctly i put 185 series on a set of 15’s i have and they look almost too wide for the wheel. a 195 might be over the limit for a stock width wheel and still look ok.



    Thanks. I just cant get over the skinny 165’s that are on it now. Looks grossly disproportionate! I have the 13″rims Ill tryout the 185 too.



    Hi Charles,
    If you want to stay with a white sidewall tire in 13″ you are really limited to what is available. There is a nice looking 185x80x13″ WSW passenger tire. You can get them for about $100/tire..Even available on eBay. I have not found anything wider in 13″ with white sidewalls.



    My stock 13″ wheels are a 4.5″ wide wheel. IMO that’s too narrow for a 195 on up treadwidth. You’ll get a lot of “roll” of the tire and corner on the sidewall if you push it.
    Due to lack of availability of good modern tires in the 13″ or 14″ wheel sizes I went to a 15×6 4 lug wheel from Wheel Vintiques and a 205/65/15 tire. Not too big so still has a vintage look but beefy enough to look right, and lots of tires available at reasonable cost. Don’t know status of getting a white wall in that size range and then you can’t use the stock hub caps either.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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