1962 – Belongs to History


62OF85conv_1962_1aWhere it started for me:

Back in 1962 just out of the Navy I bought a brand new Lemans conv and in 2006 with a few extra bucks to spend began looking for another Lemans conv. No luck but this F85 ‘look alike’ showed up on ebay Sep of 07 and I jumped on it!! Four other owners had taken extremely good care of it as it moved from Pittsburg thru Massillon, OH to Dover, OH. I’ve found out who they all were and have talked to nbr 2 and nbr 4, thanking them.

In the previous 24 years it had only been driven 2000mi. From 2003-07 only 6 miles.  Mostly parades and fairs in Massillon. Because of the low speeds and very short distances no one had noticed a leaky gas tank, fuel pump and BAD brakes!! Those were the only mechanical problems though and very understandable considering.

62OF85conv_1962_1bI fixed those anomalies and Ive taken one trip to Tenn (from Baltimore Md) got an avg of 22 mpg and used 1 pint of oil for the 1100 miles. Just drive to cruises now and once in awhile go around to circulate oil and charge the battery. It has had one new top put on and been repainted once – orig color. I do think the tranny has been rebuilt but dont have that history. I’ve replaced shocks, rubber bushings, and the motor/tran mounts. Other than those things, a cold air intake and the normal consumables it is original. Oh yes 14″ US Indy slot
mags (to get 14″ tires).

62OF85conv_1962_1cThis car belongs to history more than to me and I take good care of it!

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