1962 F85 Cutlass Convertible


mell1962_640Hello, Olds Folks!

My wife and I purchased the “Blue 62” in April of 2008, joined N.A.O.C, the O.C.A. and the Atlanta based Dixie Olds Chapter of O.C.A. In a very short time, we have met many great “Olds Folks”, attend many local car shows, and attended the 2009 O.C.A. Nationals at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. We were truly surprised and honored when the “Blue 62” was
awarded the coveted Helen Jones Earley Award.

Here is a brief history of the car over the past 48 years:

The car was originally delivered to Warrington Oldsmobile Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa. The original owner drove the car for 2 years, putting on about 28,000 miles. Then for some unknown reason the car sat garaged for the next 35 years.??!!??

The second owner had the car for the next 9 years adding an additional 2000 miles. When we purchased the car in 2008 the odometer reading was 30,483. Over the first 37 years the convertible top saw no rain and is still in excellent condition. Mildew took a toll on the carpet and that was replaced. The 2nd owner did a re-paint in the early “90s”. All other interior and trim, etc. are original.

The car has the 215 Aluminum V8; “Three on the Tree Trans” and power steering.

The car is a great driver and, as said before, has brought us in contact with other great “Olds Folks”!!

Vicki and Terry Mell
120 Edgewater Trail
Canton, Ga. 30115
User I.D. “mell”

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