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Just am update,
I got the fluid tank fixed up real good now. Ended up bead blasting it inside and out. I could not get all of the inside done so I used some muriatic acid on it also. I used the Red Kote tank liner and now the tank is as good as new. Repainted it and added the decal. Also repainted the air cleaner gloss black while painting the fluid tank.

Ken hooked me up with a guy that had a Turbo Rocket Fluid bottle and bracket. I got the bracket repainted and still need to install it on the car.

Picked up some brake and clutch pedal pads and installed them. A guy by the name of S A Schroder is making them reproduction. They are not an exact reproduction but you can’t tell a difference when installed and work great.

Took it for a couple more drives and this thing runs and drives great now. Still need to ad the hood insulation and some little details but it is almost done. I don’t have the hood emblem back yet but I will get that installed as soon as I get it back.

I was going to keep this car for next summer but now I believe we are going to sell it when it is done. We want to get going on the 62 4 speed car and we can’t do that till I let this one go. We will at least get to take it to the World of wheels in February. That will be fun.


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