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I would like to find the GM document where they got the IBM code information. They had to get it from somewhere. I would just like to add that to the collection of information I have for our 4 speed car.

I did not make it to the GM Heritage center last Fall like we had planned. Work was just to crazy for me to get away. I am planning to go the first chance I have away from work. Maybe I can dig up some of this information.

Jim, does the A/C have anything special that needed done by Fisher body plant? I know they needed some holes drilled but that would have likely been done during the final assembly and not by Fisher. If Fisher body plant don’t have to do anything special to the body then I don’t think it would be on the tag. This would also make since for the 4-S transmission to not be on there. All the floors were for automatic so nothing special needed done to the floor. They had to be cut and a 3 speed hump or a 4 speed hump installed. Makes since that the 3 and 4 speed each have there own code if the hump is not the same between them.

Not sure if there is any truth to this but I was told by a guy that worked at a dealer back then that many of the A/C f-85 models came with most of the A/C parts in the trunk and the dealer had to install them. Is there any truth to this?

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