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Sure, I get that. My concern is that I seem to be measuring it at a spot considerable lower than the factory location. I have been checking ends other than the 215 and some measure in same spot, direct outflow from a head and some measure in n accumulation point behind the thermostat as in where I m set up.

I did just have a breakthrough of sorts. I have been partially draining and refilling while trying various combos of thermostat and bypass mods and over and above the changes I am running cooler. I think there must have been a stubborn air pocket that has finally cleared! Sat in traffic on a warm day yesterday inching along and never went over 175 on my location, maybe 195 at factory location, cooled down as soon as I started moving. 170 on long uphill, 160 cruising on level moderate day. I’m happy.

Left factory light sensor in place. Factory manual says it sets the light at 238 degrees!

Thanks for all the feedback.

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