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They have arrived! I now have reproductions of the foot flange gasket available and are made right here in the USA! I have test fit one to a manifold and turbo but I have not mounted one to a car yet. I have all confidence that these will seal exactly like they should and need no sealer.

These are softer than the originals. The manufacturer tells me that the originals are just harder from age but I am not sure he is correct about that entirely. I am sure he is partly correct but my NOS one is for sure stiffer than these. Either way, I see no troubles with using these and trusting them to work just like original.

These do fit tight around the turbo outlet and will require just a little amount of lubricant to slip them on. They told me that Petroleum Jelly will be just fine to use and is compatible with the rubber. It would not take much, just enough to get it all the way on without harm to the rubber.

Anyone that still wants one or two at the early price, let me know and we will make arrangements. Again, the price is $130 and shipping each for the early price and will be $150 for any sold later. If you spoke for any and want to wait till I put one on my car first, I understand and will hold yours at the early price till I have mine installed in a couple weeks.

Everyone needs to thank Ken for finding this place to make them. He done the hard work, I just ran with what he started. I just need to recoup the mold price, ouch, lol.

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