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ACC is the manufacturer and their carpet is sold by Resellers at about 1/2 the price that ACC sells for. For example: ACC sells the 63 Jetfire carpet at $351 and Stock Interiors sells the very same carpet made by ACC, shipped from ACC, in an ACC box for $183. Same options, material, color choice. OC is a little cheaper still I think.

Like a lot of manufactures that have resellers. ACC sells at the highest price and trade on their name while not undercutting their resellers. Also, all the molded carpet sellers I called sell ACC carpet. Seems ACC has cornered the market and bought out other manufactures. Ask the reseller and they will tell you it’s ACC carpet or even be advertising it on their website.

I have a post on the second page I think with a picture of the carpet I got for my 62 Cutlass from Stock Interiors. Picture is the box it came in, an ACC box.

I had no carpet at all so had no choice but to buy carpet. That being said I also did not find the maroon dark enough to match the carpet at the bottom of my orig cherry door panels. (Not supposed to be carpet but that’s another story.

Cant you just slit the carpet under the console so that it sits down in the footwell? Won’t see it under the console. I’ve seen that technique on orig carpets before.

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