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Stock manifold. I used an Edelbrock 1403, elec choke, 500cfm. There is a manual choke version.

No adapter plate needed, bolts up.
I did use an insulator under it to isolate it from the intake manifold heat.

Your stock air cleaner won’t fit, it’s for old form 4bbls and too small for the new std size Edelbrock.
Several ways to go but what I did was use a riser that fit the Edelbrock and went around the outlet on the stock Cutlass 4bbl air cleaner. It has a rubber O ring that seals to the air cleaner. The Edel is lower than the stock carb and the riser works good and plenty of air flow for the Edel, and clears the hood. I’ll attach a pic of the riser, got it at Summit, cheap and nice.

You will need to make a new throttle linkage-easy job with a couple of rod end and straight rod. See pic

If you are going to a later trans the kick down cable needs a bracket at the carb, I made one up from a joist hanger and universal kick down bracket kit. See pic

If using orig trans someone else may have a solution for that.

There is an. older post in here somewhere on the subject above with various options and pics, you need to do a google search on it if you want to find it.

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