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I still have lots to catch up in posting on this forum, however I must fast forward to today – BECAUSE . . . .

TODAY we finally picked up my engine from D&D Aluminum V8 in Michigan. It is just shy of one year since we dropped it off to Mark. He was booked ahead by a few months but we were travelling to Florida for the winter so he had plenty of time to get the engine done before we would be retuning to Canada at the end of April.

The intention was to swing back to Michigan within a few days of arriving home to pick up the engine: so the first week of May at the latest. Then Covid 19 changed all that and the border has been closed to non-essential driving. So this week we finally got exasperated enough to FLY to Florida, pick up our 99 Suburban (which we wanted to import anyway so we could drive that back and forth to Florida) then swing by Michigan and get the engine.

By the time we got it through the border (also exporting the Burb from the USA then importing it to Canada) and home 4+ hours later, then unloaded – I was a frazzled mess!

Downside: now we must Quarantine at our home – no visitors – no leaving our property for 14 days.
Upside: we have lots to keep us busy!

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