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i completed the conversion from a 62 generator to a 63 delcotron alternator. :whistle: I must say that this was, in total, a very difficult way to do things. Removing the generator was no big deal, other than the fact that it’s heavy, and it definitely helped to have it up on a lift and a friend to hold it up while I removed the bolts. I installed it originally on the ground in a parking lot, so it was a lot easier this way!

Installing the delcotron also was not a big deal. In the manual it said I would need to remove the oil filter to install the alternator bracket, but I didn’t have to do that. It’s just a matter of pulling two small water pump bolts and reinstallling them to attach the bracket – way easier than installing the heavy generator. Beware, it does require a slightly smaller belt so that you have some room for adjustment when the belt stretches.

Installing the voltage regulator (NAPA part # ) required modifying the mounting bracket to fit the new regulator. Using the delcotron means using a 4 prong regulator (rather than the 3 prong for the generator). I originally ordered one from USA Auto Parts but it looked awful straight aftermarket ugly and it didn’t work, not sure whether it was defective or whether we fried it. More on that…now.

The delcotron is a two wire, external alternator. What i was trying to do was to keep it as close to stock looking as possible as my Jetfire engine is a 63 in my 62 sports convertible. The problem was that my car is wired for a generator, so we were very perplexed trying to make sense of how to connect the existing wiring and make it work with the alternator, idiot dash light, and voltage regulator. We were basically going back and forth between the wiring diagrams for the 62 generator and the 63 alternator. In trying different combinations, we couldn’t get the charging system to work…after quite a few hours we decided to give up for the night.

Then someone got the bright idea to type in “two wire alternator conversion from generator” and up pops an article from a guy who did it on a 50’s Buick. Bingo. More later on his suggesttions, which worked flawlessly.

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