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Hi Turborocketeers,
My new toy has been put on the back burner for a while. Received a turbo system for rebuild and that has priority, plus we have been having cold temps and snow, as usual for February. Here is a list of the “little things’ that I have finished in-between the turbo work. Plan to get back to my toy in March! Back to all later………….

completed work
R & R turbo system & air cleaner
Unplugged & cleaned fluid tank
Rebuilt fluid tank fluid level sender
New fluid tank filter & hoses
Fluid tank pressure cap replaced
Radiator cap replaced
New windshield wiper/washer switch knob
New pos & neg battery cables
New plug wire set
Cleaned and gaped all plugs
New vac/pres hose to Turbo gauge
Replaced points, distributor rotor & cap
Rewired ignition to resistor/coil
Refinished coil
Replaced external ignition resistor
New front parking lamp bulbs (amber)
Refurbished ft. parking lamp gaskets
Refinished oil filler cap
Partial restoration of right rear tl lt bezel
Replaced right rear stop bulb
Stripped and re-painted all 5 wheel rims
Replaced all 5 tires-new radials
Painted all 4 hubcaps
Replaced inside day/night R/V Mirror
Repaired left door courtesy light switch
Repaired turn signal switch
Repaired/adjusted stop light switch
Replaced fuel gauge lamp (158)
Repaired clock
Connected clock light
Refinished Jetfire emblem on trunk
Installed 30/35 amp fuse on voltage regulator
Replaced antenna



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