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I do not have a price and they have not updated their online catalogue yet. I just got the NOS one back that John sent me and with it was the new reproduction one. They also sent me a reproduction lower hose and I did not know they were making one of those. Not sure where they got the sample from? Mike Fusick said they were not sure what the correct markings were so they put on the markings like some of the newer hoses had. he said if any of the markings need to come off then just take some lacquer thinner and remove the markings we don’t need. From comparing the two of them, They look to be exactly the right shape and bend! I need to install it on the car and make sure.

We all need to say a BIG thank you to John Sage, Ron Memmer and Mike Fusick for making this happen.

Please show your support to Fusick and order a set for your car. John, I need your address so I can send your NOS hose back. Is there anything you need or looking for? Do you want a reproduction hose? I will buy you one if you want one.



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