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    I have a stripped head bolt on the passenger side head, one of the ones that hold down the rocker assy, so I need to pull the head and put a hellicoil in.
    That means I need a head gasket and all I can find are complete engine sets. Don’t need all the extra and don’t want to spend for it.

    Anyone have a source for/or a spare Fel-Pro head gasket they would like to sell?



    Ckd the notify box


    Does it have Felpro gaskets now? Are you doing both sides or just one? The entire gasket set is not all that much. I think it is around $85 for the set. I do have a set of Fep-Pro head gaskets I can let go of but I will want $45 and shipping for the pair. You would not be that far off from just getting the entire set from the local auto zone


    I appreciate it.
    Yes, it has Fel-Pro now. I am only doing the one side. Yeah I have been looking and have come up with similar cost on an eng set but thought I could buy just one for $15-$20. You can for the Buick eng but not the Olds.
    Here’s what I have found since the stripped bolt.
    The stripped bolt allowed that journal to lift. In lifting it broke the rocker arm assy shaft and wore a rocker abnormally. Discovered this when taking off the rocker assy, it came apart in my hands!
    And of course on reading the manual discovered they already know the rear rocker head bolt and pushrod won’t come out due to a heater box option.
    So now pulling the head bolts and head to helicoil the hole and see if there is any further damage.
    Hope not but unknown at this point.

    Thanks for the offer but you’re right, I may as well get a full set. Then I have the pan gasket when I get around to fixing that. Almost ready to pull it if one more thing presents itself.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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