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    Does anyone know where you can find replacement molding clips? See attachement


    I should have posted this information before. I belong to a Yahoo group called skylark/specials616263. We at oldsjetfire.com should partner with that group. They are very active and are a nice bunch to work with. They have a sister car and the same problems we have. That being said they have had a few posts about the bath tube clips. I think there is source and the tool to install them. Here is a link to some of the posts. Take a look.( http://oldsjetfire.com/forums/topic/lower-rocker-and-side-molding-bathtub-clips/)
    Good luck,


    Your attached link just brings us back to this article? Do you have the link that would take us to the Buick site/topic?


    Jim and Ken, at the risk of barging in here, I was asked to look at the possibility of partnering with the 61,62,63 buick group, and have since exchanged emails with the owner of that group. We have agreed that the best way to partner would be to display each other’s links. They actually have a user’s group which communicates via email instead of a website. You have to be approved to be a member. And, once you are approved, your email address is displayed with each post. If you google the subject, you will find links to “www.groups.yahoo.com”. They are also quite welcome to join our site. I understand there are a lot of interchangeable parts between the 61-63 Buicks and F85’s. Jetfireguy


    This is a link to the post. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/skylark616263/conversations/messages/8595

    You may have to join to see the post. Let me know how you make out.


    Hi saw your post for the clips did you find any?


    If you’re incredibly lucky you might find N.O.S. clips. And, unfortunately, the universal type trim clips require access on the blind side of the rocker panel.

    On my restoration I carefully removed the existing clips and reworked them back to very close to their original shape. If you bend them up too bad removing them it is just about impossible to salvage them. But, this might be your only option.


    Fusick reproduces the rocker molding clip. They list it for a ’58 Olds and it is part number RMC580. $4.50 each. It is the EXACT clip. I sourced them for my ’62 Cutlass restoration. Don’t know about the bathtub clip. I didn’t remove those on my project.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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