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    When did the 61-63 cars become so popular?

    Fat Man Fabrications has just released a bolt-in crossmember and front suspension system for the 61-63 F-85/Cutlass and Skylark/Special. It picks up the stock three point crossmember mounts and includes rack and pinion steering and 11″ disk brakes with either 5 x 4.5″ or 5 x 4.75″ bolt pattern. Available in a range of options, including conventional springs, coilovers, or air bags.

    Note from the photos that it does NOT mimic the configuration of the stock crossmember, so I’m betting that a rear-sump oil pan will be required if you retain the aluminum V8. Also, there are no motor mounts on the crossmember, so you’ll need to weld to fit. I’m guessing that most will see an SBC…

    Here’s what I got from Fat Man this morning:

    Hub-to-hub kits (including stub):

    Stage II hub-to-hub (coil springs and shocks – manual steering) – $2930.00
    Stage III hub-to-hub (QA1 coilovers – manual steering) – $3430.00
    Stage IV hub-to-hub (air bags and shocks – manual steering) – $3430.00
    Stage V hub-to-hub (Shockwaves – manual steering) – $4040.00

    Add $100.00 for power steering rack option.

    All hub-to-hub kits come with 11” disc brakes standard (either Ford or GM passenger lug pattern). Wilwood disc kits available starting at $425.00 (11” plain iron discs/black calipers) upcharge to kit price. We also offer 12.19” and 13” rotors in either plain iron or black coated/drilled/slotted. You can also upgrade to polished or red calipers. Please specify options for specific pricing on Wilwood upgrades.

    Yeah, those are serious nosebleed numbers, but that’s pretty much the going rate for a properly engineered MII front suspension for a street rod. Note the MSWord press release at the bottom of this post also.


    Only one picture will load. Just thought I’d let you know


    do they say anything about attaching the steering column to the rack? looks like it wont just bolt on like the stock box.


    Thats awesome!


    Obviously this isn’t a direct attachment to the stock steering column. You’ll need to fabricate an intermediate shaft. This is pretty common in the street rod world and lots of vendors sell the double-D shaft and U-joints.

    I’ve got a dilemma now with my 62 wagon(s). Do I spring for one of these (at a cost of more than I paid for both wagons together? On the other hand, it will probably be close to $1000 to rebuild the stock suspension, brakes, and steering anyway. Of course, then I need different rear axle shafts and brakes to get the 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern on the back.


    Note that I can see both photos when I log in, and the press release is an MSWord attachment below the second photo attachment.

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