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    Hi All Jetfire Turborocketeer’s,
    New ink to promote our little gems! All ink is good ink, many thanks to Jim Koscs…………
    This is his second Jetfire article. The first one was published in the NYT in 2014.
    Fun! Jim


    It is fun seeing these cars getting some coverage in print. I had no idea that White Post was restoring one. Already looking forward to seeing the final product.


    Jim, Thanks for posting this. I never saw the New York Times article.
    Wow, that Cirrus Blue 1962 Jetfire sure got famous. But it is a special car and that’s why it sold for $42,100. I found it in a garage in Los Angeles where it had been sitting for over 25 years, not running. The original owner had died and the family was selling everything. It has lots of options, PW, PB PS, AC, clock, etc. All original interior in excellent condition, I only had to have the front seats redone, in NOS Naugahyde. Zero rust, excellent body. Original motor and trans I rebuilt. I found a turbo on Craigslist and Jim did a fantastic job with it. Now, the new owner is selling it and I would buy it back if I had the room. I have his contact info if any ones interested.
    Another sale, but Nobody ever knew the price on (but now I will reveal), was my 1963 Jetfire in Saddle Mist, its now been on eBay by the new owner at a classic car dealer for months. I had advertised it on eBay but it sold after the auction. It sold for $41,500. Again, a rust free, fantastic condition car, but this one probably has the most original paperwork of any Jetfire, and I have talked to the original owner about it. I redid all the interior and rebuilt the motor, trans, and Jim did the Turbo beautifully.
    More then anything, I enjoy finding these cars and bringing them back to life, but now I have a keeper in my 1963 Jefire 4 speed. I am not selling this one. It still has its original Turbo, that Jim is going to restore (I’am working on getting it to you Jim, but it may be a few months!).
    There are still many people that are unaware that these cars ever existed. But now more are being found and brought to light. There are still more out there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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