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    I’m considering getting 63 Jetfire project car. It needs floorpans, 4-speed T10 trans/bellhousing/shifter, console, and more. Engine (with 4-barrel) disassembled. Also a lot of re-chrome, repaint, etc.

    I’ve built a couple 63-67 Chevy Novas. There are plenty of parts (and advice) available (and affordable). And I know where the pieces go,

    I was wondering how similar the 63 Jetfire is ? And where the best resources for parts, engine work, etc. ?

    PS – Although I’ve been Chevy for many years, I drove my mother’s 65 442 to my high school senior prom. Red with white top and white leather interior, wire wheel hubcaps and whitewall tires. Auto trans with floor console. I remember the car more than the girl. Darn console and shifter !!!

    Thanks for having me.


    I hope you can do the work including body and paint or you’ll be into it more than it’s worth. Different animal than a Nova. Lots of basic chevy parts including new sheet metal for the nova, not so for the Jetfire.

    Completely different car than a 65 442 which is basically a GM “A” body which you can practically build out of a catalog. Different running gear, suspension, eng, trans, body, interior, electrical, etc than the A body or early Nova.

    Great car but a different animal. Oh, and you need a rebuilt turbo for the Jetfire along with the ancillary parts. Rebuild for an existing turbo is around $3500 or so, is that about right Jim?

    Have Fun.


    The Jetfire is not really able to be compared to anything other than a Cutlass or f-85 of the same year. For the most part you have to fabricate any needed body panels or cut them from another car. The Jetfire is for sure a unique car and lots of fun but if it needs major restoration and missing the turbo parts you can’t pay much for it. From your description of the car it is only worth $1000 to $2500 in my opinion. Maybe less with all the 4 speed stuff is missing.


    I already passed on this one, although one of you guys could probably take it on or at least salvage the parts.

    It’s only $810 In Murfreesboro, TN – east of Nashville. On Facebook. Hurry, he (William told me that he will strip the car and junk the body this weekend because he lost his free storage.

    Here’s his description:

    Seller’s Description
    SS Trim alone is worth $1000; this car was the first series in America with a turbo charged engine. GM did a recall and replaced with a four barrel. The transmission and center console were taken long ago but this car was produced with the very rare four speed. Floor is totally rusted out but dash and instruments are all in place and in great condition. Major project but super rare car that doesn’t need to be scrapped. No hood and this is a bill of sale only as there is no title.

    William B. Puckett

    Good luck. Let me know if anyone buys it.



    Looks like I am headed down to get it Saturday. He sent me more pictures. It is for sure only a parts car. Major rust and many many parts missing. Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure the good parts are saved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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