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    Hi, guys. I just completed the removal of my carb and turbo on my ’63. I’m no mechanic, but I thought I could at least remove them. I finally had to remove the accelerator linkage and disconnect a tube under the carb just to get the carb away from the throttle body. Then I somehow managed to get the throttle body off of the turbo to gain access to the turbo mounting bolts. I dont know how I will ever get the nuts threaded back on the lower studs between the turbo and throttle body and the carb and throttle body. Anybody know a skinny 6 yr.old I can get to get his hands under everything when i try to get it back together?

    How about some advice?


    The best way to remove the turbo unit is as a complete unit. Only disassemble the carb and throttle body, once off the intake manifold. The bad nut to be removed is the back foot flange attaching point to the intake manifold. You are only allowed a short turn each time you put the wrench on the nut. Slow to remove but not hard.
    Unless you like standing on your head or “killing” your back, remove the hood first! Four nuts and it is off, topside of hood hinges to hood studs.
    Second, remove the tip of the oil return line to the right side valve cover. This requires some diligents for the short wrench movement that is allowed in this tight space. They are a loose nut and a bolt, need to hold the back side while turning the front side.
    Next, remove the two short bolts from the two legged throttle retard canister that attach to the intake manifold, just under the throttle linkage. Pull off the throttle linkage connection (short “Z” action link) to your carb.
    Disconnect all fluid lines to the turbo unit, fuel inlet from fuel pump and fuel return hose to gas tank, Turbo Rocket Fluid hose, oil supply tube to turbine housing and glycol coolant in and out rubber hoses.
    Disconnect the automatic choke heat pipe and rubber hose vacuum line to the depressurization valve.
    Now, all that is left are the two turbine housing nuts to studs in the intake and the three nuts holding the foot flange to studs on the intake. Pull the complete turbo unit straight up to remove, being aware of the foot flange plates and gasket so they come up as a unit attached to the bottom of the compressor housing and that you don’t split the foot flange gasket they have NOT been reproduced and are hard to find!
    I have done this many times and it takes me about 1 to 2 hours with the hood off. If you elect to leave the hood on I would estimate it would take two to three times longer and at least a 6 pack of beer!
    Put the complete unit back on the intake in the reverse order. To minimize your frustration, do not try to assemble the turbo unit, throttle body to turbo and carb to throttle body on the engine. Yes, it can be done but you will have to find your small handed 6 yr. old to help!
    What are you going to do to the turbo unit before reinstalling?


    Thanks a bunch, Jim! I thought from your recent pics that you probably removed the entire unit, but just couldnt find a way to get to the third bolt from the turbo to the intake. I did remove the hood, which helps a bunch. I need to replace the water jacket gasket and want to check the oiling to the shaft. Will let you all know what i find. May have to have you overhaul the unit. Thanks again. Jim

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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