Torque plate for 215 V8-For engine boring/honing rebuilding process

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    We had a torque plate made for the boring/honing of the 215 block. This bolts to the block and duplicates the condition present with the heads bolted down resulting in a more accurate machining process on final assemblly.. Google Torque Plate and talk to your machinist for specifics.

    Typically the machine shop has this tool for common engines, they don’t usually have it for the 215 and they are expensive to have made.This is made of aluminum and is set up for the Olds bolt pattern and would also work for the Buick bolt pattern as Buick is the same minus one bolt. I do not know if it fits the Rover block. I would assume it would but check with your machinist, they would know.

    We would rent this out for $150 + $500 deposit + out bound shipping. You pay for return shipping. Deposit would cover damage requiring repair/replacement/loss-no return. All costs paid in advance with a deposit refund on return of undamaged tool. If tool is damaged balance of deposit would returned after repair costs. If damaged beyond repair or not returned full deposit would be sacrificed.. Maybe they are cheaper to have made elsewhere, not here. Payment by PayPal.

    Located in Santa Cruz CA so if you are close you can pickup and save shipping both ways.

    Please let me know what you think-cost, interest?

    This is a trial notice to see if there is interest. I will post an add in classifieds.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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