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    Like you I had been looking for something else. Was looking for another 62 Pontiac
    Lemans conv like I had back in 62-71 LOL

    No luck for months and then saw this F85 by accident. Part of an estate settlement
    in Ohio. 3 days and they had only bid it up to $1126.23 Disgraceful!!!!
    Since the seller stated in the ad that as a dealer he could pull the ad if it sold
    locally, I sent him an email and then bid what I felt it was worth (from the pics).
    I beat the reserve by a couple hundred bucks.
    He closed the ad and I sent him a deposit. We arranged transport, I wired him the
    balance and it arrived at my house less than a week later.



    I have since left the field of 1962 Oldsmobile F85’s but I still like to check in on them. What I see here is a problem with SMS Aupholstrey. I have to samples of carpet that I was mailed.. got them two days after I requested! Talk about fast. I ordered carpet for my 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe. It was perfect! Other then the floor mats are not available since they would be incredibly hard to make (They have chrome and patterns in them). Since I have decided not to restore my Coupe and the carpet is just sitting there for now. It is very original, colorful, new, and smells REALLY nice! I had a great experience with these guys! Maybe its cause I am only 4 hours drive from them or something..

    I believe that everyone deserves seconds chances.. While given a return policy as well. Haha..

    Have a great evening everyone

    (I attached a picture of my Convertible, beaughtiful isn’t it)



    Yeah, the original -SAMPLES- that SMS sent me matched and were good quality
    B U T the junk they sent to -fill- the order was garbage in three different
    shades, two different surface types and rotten with age!!!

    Their excuse to me was “I didnt start soon enuf” (whatever thats supposed to
    mean????) AND Doug (the honcho) couldnt understand why antique car guys were
    so particular!!!

    Their excuse to my upholsterer was “a new guy in the warehouse”.

    Seems like even a new guy would know you dont mix dye lotsn or types and
    not to send old rotten junk!!

    Could lose a lo0t of customers over an untrained employee.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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