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Attached are color codes from ’62 and ’63 for your use.  The letter and number codes from the ’62 sheet are the same for ’63.  The color code for Provincial White (C) exterior with the Wedgewood Mist (F) interior for a Jetfire (63-3147) would be listed on the firewall tag as; Trim…973,    Paint…C.

1962 color codes 1024

The color code page for ’63 shows the duPont and RM color numbers.  The interior would be medium blue and dark blue.  Dash uses “flat” paint codes to reduce sun reflection.
All this being said, I have NOT had good luck with anyone being able to mix paint to match these old codes.  The better paint mixing stores now use a camera and take a picture to digitally match the paint.  Even this method is NOT foolproof.  The colors I ended up with on three interior restorations, 2 fawn and one silver, forced me to repaint the complete interiors, could not just do part and have a satisfactory match.

1963 color codes 1024

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