1962 F85 with Major Changes Under the Hood!


warrengrimm_1962_1aI am not a purist but I love the basics of the ’62 Cutlass, the body style, the aluminum V8 and of course the fact that I never see another one at cruise night.  I acquired the car from my uncle’s estate in 1987 and started driving it, but at the same time working on safety things.  I installed new front end components, did the brakes and exhaust but mostly just drove it.  Early in the ‘90s, I pulled the engine and transmission to install a 350/350 combo, thank God I never did.  In the meantime, I had sold the 215 to a fellow for his MG, luckily he never used it and I got the engine back.

He had done a basic rebuild on it and I found a bell housing/pedal setup to install the 4-speed.  At this time I installed a true stainless dual exhaust and started playing with spring heights.  I found a set of 14”/4 lug wheels and put on a set of BFG’s 205/70.  In 2005 I had D&D build my engine and behind it I put a NWC T5.  Also I converted to 4 wheel disk brake using the Scarebird setup.  I worked with Coilspring Specialties to make a set of custom height springs all around.  This fall when I put the car away, I started a major dismantle.  The drive train is out and the interior is gutted.  I have decided to have D&D build me a 5 liter engine; there is a new WC T5 ready to go in.   I have a new triple core rad with shroud and dual fans, the exhaust system will be a chambered one.  I have retained the original 3.36 posi rearend and the wheels are being upgraded to 5 lug to take a nice set of Centerline 5 spoke rims.  The one short coming in this is that I have to use a Rover block which will not take the Olds heads therefore a Buick in an Olds.  A new interior is being stitched since the vinyl was cracking and several seat springs had let go.  If all goes well the car should be back on the road this summer.  I’ve been told many times that I will never recover the investment that I’m putting in the car but as I said earlier, I love the 62 Cutlass and I don’t care.

grimmwagon640x480I am also posting this somewhat fuzzy picture of a 1962 station wagon taken directly from the screen of the 1968 movie “Bullit”.  (The best movie ever made!)

Warren Grimm

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