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XTR Prototype
(courtesy of General Motors)

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Custom 1962 Jetfire Wagon

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Car Pictures

Check out these pictures of the 1962 cars that have been registered on this site.

Check out these pictures of the 1963 cars that have been registered on this site.

Here you will find pictures of cars that have been spotted by members. The member has registered the car and uploaded the picture. Since the member registered the car and not the 'owner' we say these cars are missing their owner.

Here are some pictures from GM showing how the Jetfire turbocharger works. Note the white arrows that show the flow of combustion gases.

Here are pictures of: -The X-215, turbo powered, topless, concept car that they showed in the Detroit Car Show in 1962. Read more about this car in Jim Noel's bio. - The J-TR - a 1963 Concept Car. It too was built on a convertible platform. Note the exhaust port built into the rocker panel and the impressive interior. No side chrome! Great tail lights!

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