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Turbo System Safety Checks

The safety components of the factory designed turbo system have some interactive groups of safety “checks”. Jim Noel describes these safety checks in this article Read more….

What Makes the Jetfire Different

Here is a video about the Jetfire from the 1960s. Watch what happens when the driver steps on the gas pedal!

(this is actually a 1962)  

F85’s With 4-Speeds, AC’s or Turbo’s Are Rare!

4-speed and turboHOW RARE ARE THEY?  Little documentation is available on these cars. For example, estimates indicate that only about 20 turbo’s are fully functioning today, and maybe 50, 4-speeds. That is what we are trying to determine, but we need your help.  Bruce Sweeter wants to build a data bank and to publish an article which will be helpful to anyone who owns an F85. The accuracy of the data bank depends directly upon your participation. Read more….

First American Production Car with a Fluid Injected Turbo!

On April 20, 1962 Oldsmobile introduced the first Jetfire, a sporty , smaller car powered by a turbocharged, fluid injected aluminum 215 c.i. V8. The 15% boost from the turbo resulted in 215 H.P (“a horse per cube”)! This high performance compact was introduced two years before the advent of the Ford Mustang and the Pontiac GTO.

The addition of fluid (alcohol and water) injection to enable the use of higher compression added a degree of complexity which required more maintenance than anticipated. Many turbos were replaced with 4-bbl. carbs. This ended the production of new Jetfires at the end of ’63. The Jetfires are quite rare today. It is estimated that only about 100 are in operation today, and probably less than 20 have fully functioning turbos.

Click on the images below to see one of the original press releases introducing the first Jetfires on April 20, 1962.
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