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1961 – 1963 Olds F-85 Questionnaire

4-speed with a turboHOW RARE ARE THEY?  Little documentation is available on these cars. For example, estimates indicate that only about 20 turbo’s are fully functioning today, and maybe 50, 4-speeds. That is what we are trying to determine, but we need your help.  Bruce Sweeter wants to build a data bank and to publish an article which will be helpful to anyone who owns an F85. The accuracy of the data bank depends directly upon your participation.

Here is a note from Bruce Sweeter: (See Bruce’s bio under “Articles”.)

Hello all! I have been involved with F85’s since April ’63, and I would like to share my 50 years of experience with others in this car community. To write the article, I need more information. PLEASE HELP by completing the following form to the best of your knowledge about your car(s). The most valuable information is found on the “Protect-O-Plate”, which we all know or should know is the “Bible” for these cars.

If you would like to discuss the form or have questions about your car, contact me at or Tel. (978) 777-2323.

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A – Contact information will not be displayed on the website. It will only be used by Bruce Sweeter if necessary to collect additional information.
B – On a 3″x5″ plate on the driver’s side of firewall. The build code is in the upper left corner of the plate.
C – Factory stamped plate, usually carried in the glove box.

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