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XTR Prototype
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Custom 1962 Jetfire Wagon

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1962 Registered Cars

62 jetfire1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningbarn stored. 2 of them
62 jetfire1962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningBone stock one owner
62 jetfire1962F85 Wagon DeLuxeNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningstock one owner, currently has my jetfire hood on it
62OF85conv1962F85 ConvertibleNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningNearly original - see article.
62oldsf851962CustomizedWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningConvertible with a turbocharger.
62oldsf851962F85 ConvertibleWorking Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningAlready registered. These are just some newer pictures.
62turbojet1962F85 JetfireNon-Working Turbocharger4 speed manualNot RunningSolid car needs restoration, very complete
624speedtim1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No Turbocharger4 speed manualNot Runningaluminum console that shows 4 spd pattern and also has tach
911pilot1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningPower steering, 4GC Carbeurator and Roto-5 Auto Tranny
1962oldsguy1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningOur Olds Project Oldsmobile F 85 Cutlass Convertible
1962oldsguy1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningParts Car for our main project. Parting out also $$$
1962oldsguy1962F85 ConvertibleNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningAnother Parts car
abosron1962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)Non-Working TurbochargerAutomaticRunningI bought my '62 as a non-running wreck and some extra parts
bartmo1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningInstalling 700R4 automatic transmission.
brocbrooks1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)Working TurbochargerAutomaticRunningTurbo V6 out of a 79 Regal
BruceM1962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)No Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningnone
BruceM1962F85 JetfireNon-Working Turbocharger4 speed manualNot Runningnone
bstang1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningJust pulled out of storage where it's been since 1983.
captiannapalm1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningall original except the paint
captiannapalm1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningall original to my knowledge except the air filter.
Chris Reeves1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningpw pl power mirror ac vinyl top
ChristopherRJohnson1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningRestoring my Old High School Car - Bought in 1985
cmyren781962F85 JetfireWorking Turbocharger4 speed manualNot Runningn/a
dand1962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningbase model
Delcon881962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningrosewood ext. red/burg int white top
DeucePhaeton1962F85 JetfireNon-Working Turbocharger4 speed manualNot RunningOn rotisserie. Engine rebuilt. 2x2 bbl intake. Air suspension.
DoctorG1962F85 Wagon DeLuxeNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningLowered,Disc brakes,5 lug wheels,Bucket seats
Gorremans81962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)Working TurbochargerAutomaticRunningnone
gramarlea1962F85 JetfireNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningEngine appears to be seized. No rust, but body damage.
Greg Bergman1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningBlue with white top:57,000 miles
jbkish1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningps,factory air,am radio,tinted glass,consule,15"wheels.
jcassel2501962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningnone
jensenracing771962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningoriginal car but i think the turbo was changed by the dealer
jensenracing771962F85 JetfireNon-Working Turbocharger4 speed manualNot RunningFactory 4 speed Jetfire parked in 1974. 15 inch wheels
Jim Noel1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningOriginal car
Jim Noel1962CustomizedWorking Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningConvertible w/ turbo - see Jim's bio.
Jim Noel1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningRestored to original
Jim Noel1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningrestored to original
joe_padavano1962F85 Wagon DeLuxeNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningParked in the NV desert for 30 years
joe_padavano1962F85 Wagon DeLuxeNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningThis one has been parked indoors in CA since 1975
joemo1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningRed wth white top, gray and black interior.
John O'COnnell1962F85 JetfireNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningWhite top/red lower
john sage1962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningnone
john sage1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningnone
john sage1962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningnone
jpcutlass1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningoriginal white exterior w/ original red interior
jsporty1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticNot Running1962 f85 cutlass
kg22571962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)Working TurbochargerAutomaticRunningnone
lasercopier1962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticRunningWH/BLue(TOP);NY Plate "JETFIRE"!4B Carb;Turbo on the side!
Les-SS1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningBlue with Blue interior.
Les-SS1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningHot rod project - Stroked 215 with 5 speed manual
Les-SS1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningSahara Mist with tan interior. Restored to original
lockerdan1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningFactory Air
mackemp1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningnone
maconmorgan1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningFun car,parked 40+years with gas tank leak.It is now running
Mell1962F85 ConvertibleNo Turbocharger3 speed manualRunningApprox. 30k miles, nearly original.
mikepoe591962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningRebuild of Turbo about to begin; power steering and brakes
onefish1962F85 4-dr Sedan DeLuxeNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningCurrently undergoing custom restoration.
partsboyjimmy1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticRunningRestored once, restoring again!
pbliss1962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)No TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningBlue/White
pbufordjrr1962F85 JetfireNon-Working TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningSolid body with all chrome but has surface rust
raysgarage1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningburgundy with white top running with buick 2 speed trans
raysgarage1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningwedgewood blue white top in process of restoration s-10 8.5
reolds1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningPS, PB, A/C Electric Windows All Factory
reolds1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningPristine Cirrus Blue All systems rebuilt.
reolds1962F85 ConvertibleNo Turbocharger3 speed manualRunningBarn Find
reolds1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo Turbocharger3 speed manualRunningMechanic all overhauled, but body rough as pictures show.
Richard Baughman1962F85 JetfireNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningnone
Richard Baughman1962F85 JetfireNon-Working Turbocharger4 speed manualRunning1962 Jetfire
Richard Baughman1962F85 JetfireWorking Turbocharger4 speed manualRunning4-speed and power windows from the factory
rizcon1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticRunningcomplete car with a/c, p.s. converting to 200r4 auto trans
ronny1962F85 4-dr SedanNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunning4 speed automatic
Scorpion1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningBeautiful original condition apart from respray. Ex L.A. vehicle
slickclyde1962F85 2-dr Coupe Cutlass (w/posts)No Turbocharger4 speed manualRunning62' F-85 cutlass w/deluxe trim and factory 4 speed
Sooperdave1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticRunningMy mothers car not licensed in 15 yrs
Sooperdave1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningNo special features
Sooperdave1962F85 JetfireWorking TurbochargerAutomaticNot Runningcomplete original turbo intact.
trackz man1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo TurbochargerAutomaticNot RunningGetting a total restoration-on rotissiere now...
trademen1962F85 Conv. CutlassNo Turbocharger3 speed manualNot Runningneeding restoration
Warren Grimm1962F85 2-dr Coupe (w/posts)No Turbocharger4 speed manualRunningMajor changes under the hood.

To see pictures of these cars, go to the 1962 Registered Cars Pictures.

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